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Piksel - service.

Both in business as well as in life the continuity of IT hardware operation has now become a key issue and an immanent feature of efficient functioning in any environment. Problems with software, network or IT hardware mean stress to users and more than often also irrecoverable financial loss. Impossibility to receive, process and transfer information cuts us off from the mainstream of the modern civilisation, and thus exposes us to so called information divide.

Efficient service and regular maintenance of our IT environment enables us to focus on issues and tasks that are crucial to us and not on a proverbial fight with computers, and this significantly boosts our confidence. And we can work more effectively.

Get in touch with me and find out how you can prevent your current and future problems with software, IT network and IT hardware.


Piksel - consultancy.

Today’s diversity of IT solutions, their scope, functionality, a variety of options, may intimidate anyone, even an experienced IT specialist. Have you ever had a feeling that a product bought by you is used only to the limited extent of its capabilities and that we never really make full use of the things we pay for ? Marketing did work! And we are bothered by a belief that we spent money that we could use much more rationally.

Appropriate selection of software and parameters of IT hardware is a difficult task that requires thorough analysis of current and future needs, costs and functionality of IT solutions that we plan to implement.

Get in touch with me and find out how you can develop your business and implement IT solutions that match exactly your needs and your available funds.


IT solutions are not cheap, in particular those that are characterised by a high technical advancement. Maintaining complicated IT structures on your own involves costs that may overwhelm small or medium company. On the other hand, nowadays, lack of advanced IT solutions in a company condemns it to a second circulation, and thus also gradually increases its marginalisation on the market.

Outsourcing is a business solution that solves the above problems. IT solutions such as: electronic mail or websites servers, hosting or cloud computing, in most cases may be entrusted to external companies. And with appropriate and rational selection of services, costs associated with the use of their benefits may be minimised to amounts acceptable by every company that wants to develop and be modern.

Piksel - outsourcing.

Get in touch with me and find out how you can outsource IT needs of your business, how much you will pay for such solution and what benefit you will enjoy from it.

Web design

Piksel - web design.

Contemporary marketing moved from streets to the Internet. Existence and advertising in the Internet becomes more important than traditional methods of reaching potential clients. Now everyone uses smartphones, tablets or laptops, both at home and at work or on the street. The Internet became fundamental and indispensable source of information about the reality that surrounds us, and contents published therein are ahead of traditional information medias at the very start.

A well designed page of well though contents and structure, accordant with the rules of art, Internet and typographical standards, as well as adapted to the diversity of used devices, is not only a showcase of a company, but also constitutes a starting point for future clients. It depends on the website whether a potential client will want to use your services or buy products offered by your company.

Get in touch with me and find out how your future website may effectively begin its existence in the net and reach as many users as possible.

Renovation and recycling

Piksel - renovation and recycling.

Contemporary, aggressive marketing constantly leads us to seek new hardware, faster and equipped with countless number of new, top, praised and necessary functions, so that very often we are not aware that we will use only a few percent of statistical capabilities of our newest equipment, and our old, although still functional, devices will be put aside and eventually thrown away.

Get in touch with me and find out how you can bring back to life your long forgotten computers and effectively use them at home as well as for your business needs. And if you really do not need them, learn how to recycle them in accordance with the law.

Data recovery

Every IT specialist or advanced computer user knows that the regular making of backup is a fundamental part of working with computers. However, due to haste and rush of modern life we often forget about this obvious fact and our storage medias, such as: USB memory, CD or DVD discs are improperly stored and maintained, making them exposed to damage and loss of data.

Piksel - data recovery.

Get in touch with me and find out how I can help you when your data carriers fail and the data on your CDs, DVDs, hard drives or flash memory devices were important to you.


In the IT industry we say that learning is 80% of IT specialist’s work, therefore, in my opinion, improving skills, professional preparation of workshop and rational selection of relevant tools for specific tasks is the basis for success of every, not only IT, venture. The following is a brief excerpt from my over twenty years long professional experience, which I hope will demonstrate my professionalism and encourage you to contact me, and eventually establish a satisfactory cooperation.


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